Live Games

Playing casino games online can be super-fun, but old school casino goers who are used to the glamorous feeling of sitting at a physical casino table, across from a real-life dealer and actual flesh-and-blood players, sipping on a drink while making a bet – might find it a bit reductive. This is where live casino games step in! They offer the same feeling of green cloth tables, real cards, dice and roulette wheels from the comfort of your home and on your computer screen!

Live Games in Casinos

Online casinos usually offer a multitude of live games, so you can find your favourite and start playing with ease. Among the games in the selection, you can most often find the standard offerings of Roulette, Baccarat, Poker (Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud) as well as Blackjack. If these aren’t enough to suit your taste, some casinos offer various other games like Dreamcatcher, Wheel of Fortune, Keno and Sicbo.

Live games offer an exciting casino experience

The live casino experience is a step ahead of the usual animated screens you are met with when playing games online. The added effect of playing at an actual table with an actual dealer or croupier you can see on stream enhances the player’s betting pleasure and is the closest thing to a real casino experience you can get without actually visiting a casino.

Live Casino Poker

The most talked about casino game, one of the only betting games to depend more on the player’s skill than on luck is, of course, the game of Poker. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of this betting game which is widely represented in culture everywhere and referenced in music, literature and movies. Now, with live casino games, you can experience the actual thing with a real dealer and live players right in the privacy of your own home. Bet smart!

Roulette at Live Casino

One of the favourite games of casino goers the world around is the infamous Roulette. There is something about the spinning wheel and metal ball which causes the players’ hearts to race in anticipation of their highest value number being picked. There are several variations of Roulette available at casinos, such as European Roulette, American Roulette, Dragonara Roulette and French Roulette.